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The Old Man of the Mountain
Old Man


The Old Man






3 Children

Voiced by

Cab Calloway

First Appearance

The Old Man of the Mountain

Last Appearance

Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery

The Old Man of the Mountain, appears in The Old Man of the Mountain. The Old Man lives at the top of the mountain, he is challenged by Betty, they both sing You Got to Hi-De-Hi as a duet. After the singing ends, he persues Betty, which singing a Scat Song, when he finally grabs Betty her dress comes off, leaving her in her undergarments, Betty punches him in his face and recieves her dress back, Betty climbs up a high tree, as he works on getting her down, once she was brought down from the tree he gropes her breast. The wood animals team up on the old man of the mountain and rescue Betty Boop, they tie his arms and feet into knots and tickle his feet.

Voice Actor

Betty Boops Hollywood Mystery

  • The Old Man of The Mountain makes a cameo in the 1989 film The Betty Boop Movie Mystery.

Betty Boop Dance Card

The Old Man of the Mountain is a playable character in Betty Boop Dance Card.


  • In the original song for Cab Calloway's Old Man of the Mountain, the Old Man, is portrayed as a harmless eccentric, but for the purposes of the cartoon the song was changed, to make the character look more malevolent.
  • He has 3 children by a Hippo lady in which he impregnated, Betty Boop asks her  "what's a matter?", the Hippo replys "The Old Man of the Mountain", while walking down the mountain crying with her 3 snaggle toothed bearded children. (Which would indicate that the Hippo lady went up to the mountain before Betty and came back down with 3 children)


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