The Scared Crows


The Scared Crows

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The Scared Crows


 The Scared Crows (1939)

Betty Boop tries some spring planting, but the crows spoil everything so she makes herself a scarecrow and shoos off the birds but during the process a crow was injured. Betty picks up the crow and places him into Pudgy's basket. Betty then asks Pudgy to take care of the crow. Pudgy grows tired of taking care of the crow and decided to go to sleep. When the crow was left unguarded it became conscious and called the rest of his herd in to a house for a party. As soon as Pudgy is woken up by one of the crows (who threw an eaten apple). Betty's house is a mess. The crows try to make fun of Pudgy and many ways to get him out. In the end, they took a blanket, wrapped it around pudgy and threw him out of the house via the door. Pudgy warns Betty about the crows in the house. The crows then used eggs and berries as ammunition. As she was running away from the crows, Betty trips against the scarecrow that she made earlier and has an idea. She dresses up as a scarecrow herself and scares them away.


  • Betty Boop: "Here Pudgy as you sow so shall you grow... so sow!"


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  • Was released on the 9th of June in 1939.
  • According to the model sheet, the name of the crow Betty takes care of is called Little Crow.

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