Victoria D'Orazi


Victoria D'Orazi

Victoria D'Orazi (Victoria Marie D'Orazi) received her training at the College of Marin, performing in such productions as West Side Story, The Birds, House of Atreus and A Midsummer Night's Dream. In 1968, she acted in You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and in Noel Coward's Hayfever. D'Orazi has also performed comedy at the Improvisation Theatre in Los Angeles. She participated in two original plays at the Corner Church in San Francisco. Victoria D'Orazi provided the voice for Betty Boop in the film Hurray for Betty Boop (1980, also known as Betty Boop for President), which was a compilation of 35 colorized cartoon shorts edited together with new narration and voices. In 2010, D'Orazi encountered singer Bobby Neal Gordon and they made a pact as a duo, but in 2013 they disbanded due to creative differences.


  • Victoria D'Orazi: "There's a disease going around called the frownies." (Batavia Daily News, 1980)
  • Victoria D'Orazi: "The frownies can make you sick and the scowls can kill you." (Batavia Daily News, 1980)
  • Vctoria D'Orazi: "Don't forget my slogan. Have it my way, see if I care." (Batavia Daily News, 1980)

Songs Performed as Betty Boop



  • Victoria D'Orazi toured the country in a Betty Boop costume.
  • D'Orazi was selected as the new voice of Betty in the feature compilation because it was felt by New Line Cinema that Mae Questel's voice was inappropriate for the new songs that were included.
  • She also provided the voice for Betty Boop's mother Mrs. Boop.


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