"Waiting For Someone"


I'm waiting for someone,

You that's who!

I'm waiting for someone,

You it's true!

And I've been waiting for such a long time,

It must be a crime you see.

Then one day ,

I'll be under my roof and poof,

There you'll be.

With me,

You'll see,

Have an afternoon tea besides an apple tree.

I'm looking for someone,


Guess who?

I'm looking for someone,

You who knew!

And I'll be prowling up and down streets,

Walking the beat daily.

And someday I'll be looking at rings,

And zing there you'll be.

Buying a ring,

For me,

It's a simple romantic philosophy.

Betty Boop:

What's this?


It's for you Betty!

Betty Boop:

What this is the biggest ring I ever saw!


Do you like it Betty?

Betty Boop:

It's beautiful!


So what do ya say will you marry me?

Betty Boop:

Then what will I have to look forward too?

I'll just keep waiting for some other day,

For some other way you'll see.

And one day I'll be done with the chase and be finally,

Truly happy.


You'll see.

Because I'm waiting for someone who,

Not you..


  • Betty's singing voice is provided by Camilla Bard. Bard also provides Betty's speaking voice in-song.