"We'll Have A Bushel Of Fun"


We'll have a bushel of fun

When we're riding on the merry go round

On a rocking horse we'll cover the ground

Through a straw we're gonna drink lemonade sweet and pink

And we'll have a bushel of fun

While we're listening to the cally o tune

We'll be buying red and yellow balloon

And that's when the fun has begun

We'll go ferris wheeling and roller-coasting

At the shooting gallery we'll stop

I'll be watching you try to hit that bulls eye

With a pop-pop-pop-pop-poppity-pop

We'll have a bushel of fun

We can picnic and do all there is to do

At the carnival with all it's bally-hoo 


We'll have a bushel of fun

You said it

We'll have a bushel of fun

Ba-Doop-Boop Bop!

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