"Where'd You Get Those Eyes?"



Betty Boop:

Where'd you get those eyes?

Where'd you get those limbs?

Where'd you get those big ears Granny?

They make ya look so big'n manly,

Those chin, those nose,

Your big fat head.

I'm scared,

Oh, I'm afraid.

Your eyes look red!

How'd your arms get long,

And so big and strong.

How'd ya get those black hairs on them,

And them muscles all around them,

Oh, dear of Grandma what big teeth you have.


The better to eat you with!


  • The song is performed by Margie Hines in Dizzy Red Riding Hood.
  • The song was recorded by Josephine Baker in 1927, among several others: The Dixie Daisies - 1926, The Goofus Five - 1926, Vaughn Deleath - 1926, Lee Morse & Her Bluegrass Boys - 1926, Abe Lyman's California Hotel Orch. - 1926, George Olsen & His Music (vocal: Fran Frey) - 1926, Louis Katzman & The Ambassadors - 1926. Astor Dance Orch. (Instr.) - 1926, Carroll Gibbons' Sylvians (Instr.) - 1926, Ben Selvin's Harmonians (vocal: Irving Kaufman) - 1927.

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