"Where Are You?" is a song which was to have been featured in MGM/Zanuck Co.'s Betty Boop movie, but the film was scrapped. Yet, the song can still be heard in the storyboard. Betty's voice is filled in by Sue Raney in the storyboard and Benny's is provided by Jimmy Rowles.

"Where Are You?" 



Betty Boop:

Everybody needs a star to wish upon and a dream to keep you young,

Here on this nearly perfect night my dream came true.

My star came through with every wish but one,

Every evening as the twilight falls and the stars come shining throught.

I'll be waiting with aching-heart I am here oh but where are you?

Benny Boop:

Every morning when as the dawn arises,

Turning scarlet men to blue,

Think of me and how we used to be in my heart I am there with you.

Betty Boop:

Now I may paint the town to sun up.

Benny Boop:

I may have a laugh or two.

Betty Boop:

I would gladley trade my shining hour just for one minuite more with you.

Benny Boop:

I keep dreaming that one sunny day on a crowded avenue,

I look up and you'll be standing there.

Betty Boop:

I am here but where are you?

Benny Boop & Betty Boop:

See this tear and see this love in my heart just gave it all to you!

Betty Boop:

Where are you? I wish I knew!


The Betty Boop Movie, Where are You? (Canned Feature Film, 1993)

The Betty Boop Movie, Where are You? (Canned Feature Film, 1993)


  • In the storyboard, Betty does not sing in her standard "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" baby Bronx voice.

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