Whoops! I'm a Cowboy


Whoops! I'm a Cowboy

Whoops! I'm a Cowboy06:34

Whoops! I'm a Cowboy


 Whoops! I'm a Cowboy (1937)

Betty's short, weakling boyfriend Wiffle Piffle proposes to her. Betty turns him down, saying/singing she is only interested in a "bronco-busting" he-man cowboy. Wiffle sets off for a dude ranch to learn how to become a real cowboy. It does not work out so well.


  • Wiffle Piffle: "Betty will ya marry me?"
  • Betty Boop: "NO!"
  • Wiffle Piffle: "Why?"
  • Betty Boop: "I want a cowboy for a sweetheart!"
  • Wiffle Piffle: "I'll show ya a cowboy ya want a cowboy ya'll get!"


Cast & Crew




  • Was released on the 12th of February in 1937.
  • The first of only two appearances by Wiffle Piffle in the Betty Boop series. His second was in The Hot Air Salesman (1937). Otherwise, Wiffle Piffle appeared only in the Screen Songs series (aside from a brief cameo in the Popeye cartoon Brotherly Love).

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