William Billy Costello


Billy Costello

 William "Billy" Costello was an American live and voice actor, and was the original voice of Popeye the Sailorman. Costello worked with the Fleischer Studios as the voice of Gus the Gorilla on the Betty Boop radio show, the Fleischers felt his raspy voice would work for the new Popeye character they were planning. Costello was cast as Popeye in 1933 and appeared in 25 shorts until he was fired by the Fleischers, allegedly over bad behavior and was replaced with Jack Mercer.

Characters voiced by Billy Costello


  • Costello died in San Jose, California on October 1971, He was buried in Mariposa, California.


  • Costello's 1931 novelty recording of "You're Nobody's Sweetheat Now" was used for Betty Boop's M.D (1932).

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