You're Not Built That Way


You're Not Built That Way

 While out for a stroll, Pudgy meets a mean bulldog. Impressed by the tough dog, the pup imitates his behavior. Betty, seeing this, sings the title song to Pudgy in an attempt to stop it. Pudgy ignores her and follows the bulldog, but his efforts to be tough only land him in trouble. After an attempt to steal from the butcher nearly gets him skewered, Pudgy runs back to Betty, who welcomes him home.


  • Betty Boop: "Why Pudgy dear? Aww...Hahaha! Oww...Owww..."


Cast & Crew




  • When Betty Boop laughs at Pudgy, he squeezes and pulls her face.
  • This short makes use of Fleischer Studios' multiplane camera to film the backgrounds.

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