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 Zula Hula (1937)

Betty Boop and Grampy go on a all-around the world flight but are forced to crash land on what they think is a deserted island in the Southern Pacific. Betty becomes upset so Grampy invents a number of gadgets that allow them the comfort of home. When Natives of the island show up they plan on eating both Betty and Grampy as Betty proclaims "We'll be killed to death!" Grampy has an idea, he quickly charms the Natives with music whilst repairing the plane, once repaired both Betty and Grampy escape from the island.


  • Betty Boop: "Oh, Grampy we're lost!"
  • Betty Boop: "I hope they have a Beauty Parlour here because I need a shampoo."
  • Betty Boop: "Oh, Grampy your a darling!"
  • Betty Boop: "Oooh, Grampy we'll be killed to death!"
  • Betty Boop & Grampy & Zula's: "Hula-Hula-Badda-Badda-Hula-Zula-Hula-Hula-Hula-Hula!"
  • Grampy: "Let's go Betty!"


Cast & Crew



  • Was released on the 24th of December in 1937.
  • Is one of the several banned Betty Boop cartoons due to its blatant racism.
  • The Fleischer's didn't seem to know the differences between a Hawaiian South-Seas Native and a African Zulu Native, as Natives mannerisms are exactly as they were in Betty Boop's Bamboo Isle.
  • A Hula is a Hawaiian dance form which was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the Polynesians.

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